A Day in the Life of a Writer on the Road


I was invited recently to carry the baton for One Woman Shop’s Instagram to show “a day in the life of a female solopreneur”. Inspired by colleagues and friends who had carried the baton before me – and, inevitably, by my desire to share every passing bit of my life with people who might actually care – I was excited to participate in this simple but powerful project.

Then I realized: There’s no such thing as “a day in the life” of Dana Sitar. I don’t have a typical work day, a self-made routine, useful work- or lifestyle tips for other women trying to navigate self-employment, or even much of a business plan or goals these days.

What of value could I possibly share?

Instead of trying to manufacture some sort of routine, typical day, I decided to guide followers through a day that pretty well encompassed everything I want my life and career to be all the time. It’s got city life, writing, blogging, podcasting, coaching, studying, family, friends, tourism, chaos, and comedy.

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