Let Go of the Things That No Longer Serve You

letting go

A classic bit of yogi wisdom I was reminded of recently by Jessica Lawlor. And, in my opinion, a much more satisfying way of setting goals and resolutions than actually setting goals and resolutions.

(Read about yoga and letting go here.)

I’m letting go of . . .

Believing my brand needs to fit a conventional content marketing mold.

The power of my family’s disapproval.

Worrying what people will think when I write about deviant things like sex and following my dreams (I am not for everyone).

An editorial calendar.

Subscriber count and pageviews.

Anyone’s definition of “adult”.

Worrying about just how gay plaid makes me look.

Guilt when I make less money from writing than Stefan makes from comedy.

Guilt when I make more money from writing than Stefan makes from comedy.

Being angry about the Hunger Games trilogy being stretched into four movies.


Believing I have nothing to say because I don’t have a PhD.

Believing what I have to say is more progressive because I don’t have a PhD.

Trending news on Twitter.

The world’s opinions about comedy, women, men, sexuality, reproduction, violence, race, Robin Williams, and Bill Cosby.

Self-promotion on Facebook.

Potato chips and candy every night.

Worrying about the smell of cigarettes.

Pretending to be louder than I am.

Pretending to be funnier than I am.

SMART goal-setting and deadlines.

Thinking I’ll ever read Romeo & Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, A Farewell to Arms, or the ending to Old Yeller.

Trying to find the right label for my sexuality.

Trying to find the right label for my career.

Trying to find the right label for my blog.

Trying to find a label for my diet.

Trying to find the right label for my relationship.

French fries. Even when they’re made from sweet potatoes.

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