Dear . . .


I want to write your story. All of your stories. I want to drink wine and listen all night to every weird part of yourself you haven’t quite figured out yet. Let me put it into words.

I want to read Anais Nin with you and watch you fall in love with Bukowski. I want to learn to dance ballet and practice yoga with you.

I want to find more of me with you.

I want to kiss you again.


I want to find comfort in you, a comfort few people can understand. I want to learn more about you and spend an afternoon sharing aha! moments about our childhoods.

I want to drink coffee, even when you have decaf. I want to drink whiskey, even when you have tea.

I want to know the why to your everything, share my own. I want to learn, discuss, and discover everything you know.

I want to kiss you again.


I want to know you away from everyone. I want to see you unmasked. I want to read what you write, teach you everything I don’t know about being a writer, share these ridiculous dreams.

I want to let you take care of me, feed me, make me coffee at 1 a.m. when I need to feel neurotic.

I want your smell again, your hair, that moment when I did something I’ve never done before.

I want to kiss you again.


I want you. I want all of you again.


I want to talk sometimes. I want to think of you without guilt. I want to always remember you exactly the way it was, because it was just right.

I want to always love you a little bit, no matter how long.

Someday, I want to kiss you again.


I want to know where it could have gone. I want to know what you’re doing now. I want to talk about the lives we’ve led, wonder how many nights you’ve had like ours.

I want to get lost with you in the heat of the night, smoke cigarettes, and drink gin and melt into your bed. I want to not know how I got home.

I want a chance to see what I could have been if I hadn’t walked away that night.

I want to kiss you again.


Frenchie. I want to see you again. I want to stop thinking about you. I want to know if you ever think of me anymore, if I ever mattered at all to you. I want to forget you.

I want to take your picture in Paris, listen to your song in Bordeaux, write your story in New York.

I want to slip into a hot tub, a hammock, a bathroom stall; I want to hear your secrets whispered in drunk French.

I want to kiss you again.


I want to be your friend. I want to always feel the way you made me feel about touching you. I want to have a drink and laugh with you, celebrate life, and remember that one time . . .

I want to kiss you again.


I want to touch you again. I want to teach you everything I know. I want to teach you everything I’ve learned since I saw you last. I want to know what you’ve decided about yourself.

I want to kiss you again.

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