5 Things to Consider When Crowdfunding Your Book

by Sam Rennie of Readership Crowdfunding has received quite a buzz about it in recent years. It’s become a viable way for creators to get their work both approved and funded. In the publishing industry, especially, it is an exciting and worthwhile alternative for writers. One of the biggest appeals to this model is that […]

Introducing A Writer’s Bucket List Blog Network

For four years I’ve been trying to do blogging right for me, and I’ve tried it in many wrong ways. It’s because, as with everything, I want both extremes in this space: I want the independence to spew my thoughts and stories uninhibited by the demands of others, and I want the security, solidarity, and support […]

Literary Geniuses Who Were Also Alcoholics


Alcoholics come from all walks of life, and no one is excluded from the possibility falling victim to alcoholism, including those who live life in the public eye. One group of people, however, have almost become synonymous with alcohol addiction. While they may write masterful and beautiful literature, writers have been notoriously known for alcoholism. […]