sometimes funny, occasionally nude.

Mostly, I'm a writer.

This Goddamn Blog Post

What could I blog about now?

I could write reviews of the books I'm reading, share opinions I've hardly earned and quickly collect unsolicited free copies.

I could leave the house more often and review events like music, comedy or poetry readings, if this town has such things.

I could write about the tools I use for writing, editing, blogging and publishing, so other people know what to use when they need to.

I could share personal stories, delving deep, to reveal meaning even though most of these happenings are quite shallow and without meaning to anyone but me.

I could share advice from the limited experience I've had, for anyone just a little less experienced than I am. I could unveil my thoughts about people, the state of the industry, the lessons you'll learn once you've been in my shoes.

 I could write fiction, join challenges, jump into blog hops and become part of a community.

I could publish a diary detailing an unremarkable life, or sharing plans for artistic endeavors far too soon.

This whole endeavor sounds awful when you start to delve into the details, doesn't it?

I don't want to write this blog. But I can't help myself.

I'm sorry for another goddamn blog.

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