sometimes funny, occasionally nude.

Mostly, I'm a writer.

If Resumes Looked Like Job Listings


I'm well-rounded and good at a lot of things based on my experience, and I'd love YOU to hire me!

I'm looking for a competitive salary, so please don't even respond if you pay under $50K/year. Bonus points (but not req.): retirement plan, health ins., paid holidays, dog-friendly office and a sabbatical every three years.


A Company Similar to Yours, Senior Intelligence Superstar, 2010-15

Responsibilities included:

  • A sparkling personality
  • Ability to think quick on my feet
  • Strong command of written English
  • Special Projects, as assigned

Several Other Positions, 2000-2010

Experience as fits this position. Will discuss with the right recruiter.


Please add your information to the form on my website, as well as upload a document containing the exact same information. PDF or .doc preferred, .docx will not be accepted.

References available upon request.

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