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30: Congratulations, You're an Adult (No, Seriously.) (My New Book)

I made a little book you might like.

This little nugget fits in your pocket or neatly on the back of your toilet, and it's all about adulting.

Inside, you'll get such gems as:

"Sometimes I wear flip flops instead of sweeping, and if I had a baby, they would let me keep it."

"I have too many gray hairs to be this confused about life."

"Why don't adults eat ice cream cake more often?"

and other observations on becoming an adult, but, like, not quite.

Inspired by the real-life event of me being 30 this year, I think it's kind of funny. You might, too, if you've ever been 30 or somewhere in your 20s or a millennial.

Order it here; it's $7:

Thank you! Enjoy :)



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