Read My #GetGutsy Essay in Jessica Lawlor’s New Ebook!

GET GUTSY ebook by Jessica Lawlor

  I’m so excited to share this book release today. Jessica Lawlor has pulled together the stories from those of us who participated in the 2014 #GetGutsy essay contest to create this cool inspiring ebook. Pick up this free ebook, join this kickass community, and be inspired by the nearly 20 people who agreed to share […]

A Hat-Tip to the DIY Writing Community (and Our New Ebook!)

DIYW cover 3D

The past few months – er, years – have been a whirlwind for DIY Writing. This week I had a conversation with a fellow blogger who noted, “Just thinking about all of the launching you’re doing – the website, the bootcamp, the books, oh my! …” and it really hit home how non-stop development at […]

Self-Promotion Sucks! (but it doesn’t have to)

Mark another bestseller down in the books! Hungry Entrepreneurs is totally rocking my world with their generous tribe and general support for entrepreneurs bravely teetering between launch and bankruptcy. And this week, for the second time this summer, I get to say, they’re rocking the Amazon bestseller list with their — ahem, our — latest release! […]

Don’t Miss the New Blog for Writers and a New Travel Blog

Time to check in with a few updates… If you started following this blog when it was DIY Writing, and you haven’t joined us at yet, please do! Here are a few recent posts you might have missed: “Maybe You Shouldn’t Be a Freelance Writer” – in which I suggest that novelists who freelance […]

The Write Life Magazine: You’re a Writer, Always Will Be

This month marks the launch of The Write Life Magazine, a lifestyle magazine for writers, edited by Laura Pepper Wu of the fabulous writing blog 30 Day Books. I had the honor of contributing to this inaugural issue, on the theme of “What Writing Means to You”. Watch this killer trailer for the magazine, and read […]