How My Pay-What-You-Want Promo Made Me Feel Awesome About Selling My Self-Published Book

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I’ve been self-publishing for years. Daily, in fact. That’s what my blog feels like, anyway – a little piece of the internet I can call my own, where I can write down useful things. It is my daily accomplishment, a reminder to myself to live up to what I observe. So when I sat down […]

3 Ways to Turn Your Blog Posts into a Rockin’ Ebook

12-3-13 Blog to Ebook

When I sat down to write my own ebook for ManiWriMo, I was somewhat petrified. I’d been thinking of doing an ebook for a while — I had a whole outline written and everything — but when it came to actually writing the darn thing, I had no idea where to begin. This was going […]

Navigating the Trickier Parts of Self-Publishing Ebooks

111-19-13 Kylie Dunn

I am a planner and a little bit of a control freak. My major events are usually planned within an inch of their life. Yet, when I started writing my first ebook, I was concerned about writing and marketing, but I had put little thought into how I would actually self-publish. As crazy as that […]

The Wild West of Ebook Publishing: How Do You Know You’re Doing it Right?

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Ready to publish your brilliant ebook? Let DIY Writing offer the support, motivation, and resources you need with E-Pub Bootcamp! With the rise of successful self-published fiction books in the Kindle Store, “ebook publishing” has become synonymous in some contexts with “self-publishing”. I kinda hate this. Mostly I hate it because it doesn’t tell the […]

How About a Cooperative Approach to Self-Publishing?

cooperative approach to ebook publishing

The air is abuzz with excitement today at DIY Writing, as we officially launch our digital publishing arm! Through our pre-order campaign, you can now register for some incredible early-bird discounts for coaching and courses in ebook publishing: Get up to 50% off E-Pub Bootcamp, a series of project-based courses to offer you step-by-step guidance through […]