Show & Tell #3 — With a Check-in From Seattle!

I’m flying high this week, you guys! We moved into our new house in Seattle last night, so we’re officially off the road for a year while Stefan works his new job at the Comedy Underground. We have a home! And with it, we set up my new desktop computer (my first Mac!), I just got an awesome assignment that I pitched on a whim a few months ago, and preparations for the launch of A Writer’s Bucket List are going swimmingly. :) I had to check in today, just to gush.

It’s been a tough few months; we pushed it too long and stayed on the road for seven months. That’s much too much, even for the most dedicated road dogs and people like us with super-low standards of living. But what. an. experience! I wrote about the triumphs and difficulties of forging a writing career from the road for Jessica Lawlor’s “Get Gutsy” series. Learn all about Jessica’s new philosophy, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” (which I love!), and read my post here.

That’s already a little bit of a Show & Tell, but here’s the real one for today:


In November, I joined the team of Contributing Correspondents at Friday Flash Dot Org, which has been a fantastic community-builder for budding writers. Yesterday I posted my tips for capturing the best stories this holiday season:

Some of the best story inspiration you’ll find is in real life, and the holidays are a perfect time to capture those. This season is rich with people wandering out of their homes, stepping outside of their comfort zone, and walking into your line of sight in all their uncomfortable glory. The moments this month are rife with stories. You just have to figure out what around you is worthy of being written down. [Read the full post.]


APE-How-to-publish-a-bookNew York Times bestseller and founder of Guy Kawasaki recently released a new book for ambitious self-publishers, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneurwhich offers tactical and practical inspiration for how to publish a book through what he calls “artisanal publishing”. I can’t wait to check out the book, especially after this Q&A with Guy by Laura Pepper Wu at 30 Day Books!

Laura: You’ve said that your initial foray into self-publishing revealed a ”complex, confusing, and idiosyncratic process”. What was your biggest frustration with the experience?

Guy: I had two big frustrations. First, when I asked people who to go from Word to Kindle and iBookstore, I got multiple answers, some of which conflicted. You would have thought there would be one clear “best way” or something close to a best way. Second, my book had bullets, pictures, captions, and tables. You can’t just upload this kind of manuscript to any online resellers site and get anything close to what you want. [Read the full interview.]

Your turn!

Do you have something exciting to share this week? In the comments, SHOW me something cool of yours, and TELL me about something cool from someone else.

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Featured image by Carissa Rogers (Creative Commons)

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  1. jessicalawlor says

    Woo! Thanks for sharing your post and your compliments about my blog. It’s exciting that you’re settling for the time being! :)

  2. says

    Hey Dana, thanks for mentioning the Q&A on 30 Day Books. And more importantly, welcome to Seattle!! How exciting after all that time on the road (which I’m sure was A-MA-ZING but it’s nice to be comfy sometimes, right?) I leave for England at the weekend, but when you’re back let’s grab a coffee!