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3 Common Mistakes Writers Make Pitching Their Work to Bloggers and Media

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Now that you’ve begun building a solid platform online, amped up your social media presence and are growing a solid email list, it’s time to get your project out into the world. But before releasing your ebook, self-published novel, or course to the public, it’s wise to do a pre-launch and get your project into […]

On Writing This Week: The Future of Editing, Self-Publishing, + more


Here’s what we’ve loved on the internet recently: 6 Steps to Rise Above Rejection and Be a Better Writer by Heiddi Zalamar at Be a Freelance Blogger Let’s face it, rejection happens. We get rejected in every facet in our lives. For writers, that rejection happens when we send out a pitch that isn’t accepted. […]

On Writing This Week: 5 Career Lessons from Sesame Street + more


5 Career Lessons from Sesame Street by Renya Remli at All Groan Up We all loved Sesame Street. With its outlandish characters, lessons of caring and sharing and subtle political messages (what?), it was as much a staple of our childhoods as apple pie and grass burns from falling off the water slide. Now you’re […]

On Writing This Week: 8 Great Reasons to Start Blogging + more

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Here’s what we loved on the internet this week: What Self-Employment is Really Like by Carrie at Careful Cents (@carefulcents) As the saying goes, “you hope for the best and prepare for the worst”. That’s what I was conditioning myself to do. However, that kind of mindset it primed for failure. What I should be […]

Make Your Own Luck in Career and Life: An Interview with Alexis Grant


“I have created a career where I have autonomy over my work.” I was so excited to have the opportunity to interview entrepreneurial writer Alexis Grant, whose work I’ve been following since before I started blogging. This quote from Alexis encompasses what is so inspiring about the work she does. In the interview, she opens […]