I help smart people write great things.


Hey! I’m Dana Sitar.

I work with creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, academics, artists and journalists who have a message to share. I use editing and other magic tricks to pull big ideas out of a writer’s head and put them into sentences, blog posts and books that make sense to an audience. 

I spend my days as an editor at The Penny Hoarder trying to make my coworkers laugh. That’s not in my job description; they just get it for free. Between chuckles, I manage our branded content writers and editors.

Things I Write — You Might Enjoy

I’ve been writing and editing for digital media since 2011. I believe if we all learned to write well, actual world peace could happen (because, imagine how much internet madness we’d prevent if everyone knew when to use “you’re”). I also believe stellar writing and SEO can live in harmony; advertising and reader service aren’t enemies; and sometimes corporate jargon and internet slang exist because they’re simply the best way to convey complicated ideas — don’t @ me.

Before starting with The Penny Hoarder as a staff writer in 2015, my career was a series of experiments and learning opportunities (those are my fancy words for “failure”). I reported on stand-up comedy in San Francisco, created an award-winning website for writers and served coffee when blogging (shockingly) didn’t pay the bills.

Things I Do — How Can I Help You?