Editing for People With Something to Say

Need an editor? I do that!

I work with creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, academics, artists and journalists who have a message to share. If you want to create a great book, connect with your audience and share big ideas, I'll help you find the words to do it.

I've spent nearly a decade writing and editing for audiences online. I'll apply my experience in blogging, publishing and leading creative teams to help you articulate your ideas, structure your creation and organize your workflow.

P.S. I’m also quite good and weirdly passionate about knowing the difference between an en dash and an em dash — so you don't have to.

“Dana takes time to understand your voice and style. In addition, she gives practical tips and advice that help you feel more confident in your writing.”
— Maryann Akinboyewa, Publicist/Marketer


Got the idea but no clue how to turn it into a book? I know the questions to ask to help you understand your audience, goals and voice, and I'll help you organize your ideas and outline your work.



You've got... something on the page. First of all, kudos. Second of all, let's sit down and make sense of it all — I'll help you find the beginning, middle and end. And I'll help you grieve the parts you need to let go.


Clean up

Now, that's what I call a manuscript! (Volume 57.) Once your book looks the way you want it to, I'll look at each line to make sure every sentence says what it means, every word is as strong as it can be and every comma is absolutely necessary.



Does your writing need some finessing before you're ready to dive into a book? Let's talk about it! I'll help you suss out your strengths, weaknesses, intentions and fears, and I'll hook you up with the tools you need to get your writing "author" ready.

“With all of the support and encouragement she provides, I know that I will achieve even more.”
— Kylie Dunn, Writer/Speaker

If you want to work with me, start by telling me a little about your work.

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