How to Write a Book

Don’t let your big idea languish. Here’s everything you need to finally write the book you can’t stop thinking about.

4 Steps to Take Before Writing a Book

1. Know your unique voice

What's so special about your message? Consider other writers in your space. How are you different? What will make your audience come to you over anyone else?

2. Define your audience

Who will read your book? Create an outline of your ideal reader and how this book will help them achieve their goals.

3. Figure out why you’re writing

Your purpose for writing this book is so much greater than self-promotion or book sales. Drill down to the real value you’ll offer, so you can write to achieve that goal.

4. Commit to your writing routine

Start by setting a deadline and word count target for your first draft. Use that to set a daily word count target, and determine how much time you need to write to meet that. Add these targets to your calendar.

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Tips for Writing a Book

Need a little inspiration? Here are some of my favorite tips for writing a book. Want more? Check out this full list of 34 tips for writing a book from authors who’ve done it.

No one wants a bad writer to publish a book. Ask these three key questions before you start writing, and you’ll know how to write anything well.

You’ll never write a book if you don’t start. Here’s what a lot of writers don’t realize: You don’t have to wait for someone to tell you it’s OK to start writing a book.

You’ve got a lot to write, and it’s not ready to edit until it’s done. Editing takes time, and right now, your time should be filled with writing.


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