We’re seeking survey participants for research on how journalists approach digital and social media.

Journalism has changed and continues to change quickly with the move to online media, and a lot of newsrooms as well as journalism classrooms struggle to keep up with the audience’s constantly changing appetite for online content. Even though journalism is a content-based industry, our attempt to keep up with the shift has been mostly focused on teaching technological skills (e.g. how to use specific software), which can hardly keep up with trends. This research wants to test our assumption that the issue might be better addressed by focusing on writing skills that help journalists adapt stories for the online contexts in which their work is published.

About the Researchers

The primary researcher, Dana Sitar, has been writing and editing for digital media since 2011. She’s currently a staff editor at The Penny Hoarder, a columnist for Inc. magazine, and has written for the New York Times, HuffPost, Slate and more. She’s self-funding this independent research to determine the best ways to help media organizations connect with their audiences in this fast-changing environment.


Research subjects will include employees and contractors of news and digital media organizations around the U.S., up to 1,000 respondents. We’ll recruit from a network of content creators in print, online and broadcast media organizations, and conduct online surveys with individual participants as well as respondents clustered per organization. We’ll conduct surveys in September through October 2019.

Participating organizations will receive a report of their staff’s aggregated and anonymized survey results and a tip sheet with next steps to address their approach to online content.

How to Participate

To volunteer to participate in the online survey, please sign up below. We’ll follow up with you or a contact you provide at your organization with instructions to complete the survey.

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Content creators are anyone directly involved in content creation, including writers, photographers, designers, videographers; and copy, visual, video and audio editors; and leaders such as managing editors and producers involved in producing and assigning content.