sometimes funny. occasionally nude.


I’m an editor. *insert pun to show how much I love words*

I spend my days at The Penny Hoarder trying to make my co-workers laugh.

I've been writing and editing professionally since 2011. The details are organized at LinkedIn.

For fun, I tweet desperate jokes and share mediocre photos on Instagram.

When I was in fifth grade, I was obsessed with “The Baby-Sitters Club,” so I founded the derivative Best Friends Forever Club with four friends. It would let me mimic my favorite characters, plus have fun with friends in the best way possible: regularly scheduled, with clear rules and roles for everyone involved.

Because the BSC girls did it, we needed a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer (for our snack fund). We held a vote for president, which I assumed was a formality to name me — without whose great idea or bedroom this club wouldn’t exist — the president. It had worked for Kristy Thomas.

Instead, they voted for Morgan.

I wasn’t having it. I said Morgan couldn’t be president, and I made them revote to name me president — why 10-year-olds shouldn’t run things, obvs.

I’m a grown up now, and I’ve learned my lesson.

They were right. I’m not the presidential type. Morgan had charm and charisma. I’m more like vice-presidential: I work hard behind the scenes and support the people around me. And I’m a kick-ass leader whenever I need to be.

Maybe if I’d understood that then, we really would have been best friends forever instead of for about eight weeks. (I mean. Probably not. They all still live in my hometown.)