I help smart people write great things.

Hey! I’m Dana Sitar.

Hey! I’m Dana Sitar.

I’m an editor — which is, like, one part grammarian, two parts coach and 17 parts champion for good ideas and the audiences that need them.

I’ve been writing and editing professionally for online audiences and digital media since 2011. I’m pretty much obsessed with finding that special place where stellar writing, search-engine optimization, branding, audience engagement and brilliant ideas can all shine equally and do their jobs just right to help a message land with the right people.

I spend my days as a lead editor for branded content at The Penny Hoarder trying to make my coworkers laugh, and I write a weekly column for “Inc.” to help budding entrepreneurs grow effective brands and become great leaders.

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How to Write Anything (Well)

The One Rule about Writing You Should Have Learned in School but Probably Didn’t

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I work with creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, academics, artists and journalists who have a message to share. If you want to create a great book, connect with your audience and share big ideas, I'll help you find the words to do it.

Whether your book is just a fledgling idea or a manuscript ready for a final polish, I can help you usher it into the world.